Quick 30-Minute Workout

Quick 30-Minute Workout
5 sets of 6 / 8 / 10 reps

Monday / Chest 
_Flat bench
_Flat flies

If bench goes to incline and decline, add these into the workout.  If just a flat bench, stick to this as is…
Tuesday / Bi’s and Tri’s
_Curls (regular or reverse)
_Overhead triceps extensions

Wednesday / Shoulders
_Shoulder press
_Front raises
_Upright rows

Thursday / Back
_T-bar rows
_Bent over rows
_Straight leg dead lifts/regular dead lift
Friday / Legs

Specially made for people with very little equipment. All you need is a bench and some light plates, dumbbells, and some heavy plates.  Set your comfort weight and pace prior.  If too light, add a little; if too heavy, decrease.  Be cautious when lifting without a spot.  Do this plan everyday and see the results for yourself!


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