Jp, inc. Monday Public Release

Jp, inc. Monday Public Release
March 24, 2013
via JP Henderson

Jp, inc. is germinating wonderfully. We are not quite in out foundation year yet (Year 0). We are expect to start Year 0 in 2018. These next years are our preparatory years to get ready for Year 0 as well as it’s birth into the world! 

Technical Technology is continually working on repairs. Our inventory is looking into purchasing XP, Vista, 7, & 8 Operating Systems. Maintenance plans are also effective for all clients and customers. This department is also looking to developing a Technical Technology travel kits line. Be on the look out for that. Crystal Cleer has been coming along with the change of the season. 

JP Dezigns is slowing down. We are looking into this area. This department, as expected and evaluated, will be our most productive department. Reaching out to a larger audience, network, and market is what we are aiming for. 

Health & Fitness and it’s alliances are organizing their objectives. This department itself will pick up its weight along the way. Workout books and guides are on standby. Nevertheless, we will continue to transform lives.

Study Buddy Homework Group is branching out also. We have been helping clients with their studies and have been seeing good returns. Keep up the good work!

With all this said, Jp, inc. is continuing daily to find better ways to serve our clients and customers with simplicity and satisfaction. Thanks for being apart of Jp, inc. and we hope you will grow with our organization as we grow to help you tomorrow!

Jp, inc. 
“Our Today for Your Tomorrow”


About jpllc

"Our today for your tomorrow" ..... Hours of Operation: Monday - Friday: 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM Saturday: 9:00 AM - 2:00 PM Mission At Jp, LLC., we aim to provide service to our customers and clients with 100% satisfaction guaranteed. Company Overview JP, LLC. is a sole-proprietorship entrepreneur business. The founder of the business is Justin Henderson, young energetic individual born from Albany, NY but resides in a small town in southern Georgia. He has utilized his skills and talents as well as education to put together this wonderful business filled with services. The business hasn't widened to mainstream but with high hopes, it can unfold beautifully! Mr. Henderson has plenty of skills and talents to help him efficiently complete the services that come his way. Backed with a small emergency staff, each service provides customer satisfaction. He first started his business by doing small jobs for people throughout the Junior to graduating years of high school. At first, he named his business J Rock Customs, in which, was fairly successful. This service included that of car washes, window tinting, audio installations, and simple computer repairs and maintenance. This went very well. Throughout this expenditure, he started a walk with God and received many blessing. The blessing continued to come his way even when the storms seemed to give him turbulence. The joys of serving God and family and friends as well as others gives him much excitement. He then left his home and moved back home with his family. Here, he decided to return to school to heighten his education and move to something different. He received his Associates degree in Business Administration concentrating in Information Systems. Also, he received his Bachelor’s degree of Fine Arts in Visual Communication concentrating in Digital Design. He has finished his Master’s degree in Business Administration concentrating under Project Management and moving forward to achieve his Doctorates. After finishing his Bachelor’s degree, he decided to put it to use and started a home-based service creating designs for potential clients. His works proved his well. He here decided to piece together his newly learn skills and add in his talents to innovate a generation of service. He combined his computer skills, talents, and knowledge as well as his design skill to service clients. Not stopping here, he started getting into the fitness environment and began researching fitness and assisting individuals that wanted to get into shape as well as his helpful assistance with those returning to school. All of these crafts came together to what he has now molded and claimed as JP, LLC. Description Small business founded by JP Henderson which consists of 4 departments and services. Technical Technology. Health & Fitness. Jp Dezigns. Study Buddy Homework Group. Join our team of researchers and assistants in improvising our foundation into its maximum potential. General Information Small home based growing business. Here to help people with their needs that come daily, whether it be a CPU repair, personal coach, graphic, or a tutor. Consist of one man until we get this thing up and running.
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